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TYPE: National Rifle Association Action Pistol - Approved

LOCATION: BLACKHAWK SHOOTING RANGE, 12135 Jarratt Rd.; (512) 622-9620

ELIGIBILITY: Open to anyone. Membership in the National Rifle Association is encouraged.

Match Fees: Members - $15.00. First monthly match is free with paid membership in S.T.A.P.C. No charge to watch.

CLASSIFICATION: The NRA classification system will be used in all matches. Unclassified shooters will compete in a separate class until classified by the club or the NRA. All scores from OFFICIAL NRA courses of fire will be sent to the NRA by the S.T.A.P.C. and classification cards will be sent to each competitor by the NRA. Please note: a MINIMUM of 288 rounds must be fired in official matches and courses before the computer will calculate the classification.

SIGHTS: Rule 3.5(a) shall apply - "There shall be no restriction on sights, sight radius, or length of barrel".

AMMUNITION: Lower limit of caliber shall be 9mm Parabellum and all ammunition shall comply with rule 3.7 (power factor = 120 minimum; handloads may be used; ammo is safe in gun being used; same ammo must be used throughout match). Ammunition may be lead or jacketed. NEW RULE ADDENDUM: .22 rimfire pistols will also be allowed to compete. Check with STAPC Match Director for further information.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Match will begin at noon (or thereabout). Registration at 11:30 and a mandatory shooters meeting at 11:45-50 AM (or thereabout). It is possible that one of the courses of fire for any monthly match may not be sanctioned by the NRA. (A "fun" course - these can get challenging!) If that is the case, the score for that course of fire will NOT be used in classification. The score will be used to determine the match winner. Check with the Range Officer or Match Official.