There are several sets of rules we go by, Club Rules and NRA Action Pistol Shooting Rules. Club rules are below.

South Texas Action Pistol Club Rules & Regulations

1. Eye & ear protection mandatory.

2. No loaded weapons behind firing line.

3. Handling of weapons in designated area only.

4. Weapons will be loaded only by command of range officer.

5.  Any barrel length of handgun & any type of sights allowed.

6. No shoulder or cross-draw holster allowed, holster & equipment must be safe & appropriate for use as determined by match director.

7. All novice shooters will be required to shoot the TYRO course prior to competing in their first
S.T.A.P.C. Match.

 8. All Blackhawk Shooting Range Rules apply to any club activity.

9. Any violation of these Rules & Regulations will result in disqualification from the stage, match or at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Repeated violations may result in suspension or expulsion from the club.